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Welcome to the Karoo Banksy Page


We are the only crafter and supplier in South Africa of hand crafted coin rings. Karoo Banksy brings the world-wide fashion trend of coin rings to South Africa.

We take pride in every crafted ring, what an awesome gift!


Be the envy of your friends as you show-off your new and unique hand adornment. These rings are fashioned from a wide choice of silver, brass, nickel and copper coins. Silver is the new gold and is more popular than ever. The use of copper is, of course, a well-known remedy for reducing and even banishing arthritic pain.


Our coins, from all over the world, even dating back to the 18th century, feature individual and beautiful designs. Choose a ring which appeals to you aesthetically or one that memorializes a date that is special to you or a loved one. Our rings are sought-after by engaged couples as they cement their love on their wedding day with beautiful and meaningful wedding rings.


If you are in South Africa on holiday, we pack them as sized sets to take back as a thoughtful gift.


You can either purchase stock items which will be sized to fit, or request a made-to-order ring.


Simply place your order which will be couriered to you.

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General Questions

How do I determine my rings size?

We craft our rings based on the “UK, Europe & Australia” ring sizing standard. There are several options to determine your ring size. – Most jewelers are happy to assist in measuring ring sizes – The simple use of a narrow strip of paper and ruler also does the trick – Use the ring side of a spanner that snugly fit your finger, this will be your ring inner diameter

How to use the ruler and a thin strip of paper Method?

1. Cut a thin strip of paper, wrap the paper around your finger. 2. Make sure the paper is below the joint of your finger, snug and close to your knuckle. If it’s not snug, the ring will slide right off. 3. Mark the spot where the paper meets and measure the distance with your ruler. 4. Use the following chart to determine your ring size: Size 4: 46 mm Size 5: 49 mm Size 6: 52 mm Size 7: 54 mm Size 8: 57 mm Size 9: 59 mm Size 10: 62 mm Size 11: 65 mm Size 12: 67 mm Size 14: 73 mm A limited range of sizes is offered but contact us for sizes not offered.

Can I get a ring made from my own coin?

Yes, if the coin is suitable. Suitability depends on the size of the coin and the metal it is made of. Please contact us to discuss options.

How long will my order take?

In most cases, the order will be shipped within 10 working days of purchase. Special orders may take longer, epecially if coins have to be sourced. If the ring is needed urgently please let us know and we will try to get it to you as promptly as we can.

How much is postage within South Africa and to the rest of the world?

Courier Within South Africa – R165 Courier To Rest of the world – POA Mail Within South Africa – R195 Mail To Rest of the world – POA Postage includes any shipping packaging required. It is recommended that expensive or rare coins should be sent by courier which can include insurance (8% of total value of the parcel).

How can I do payments?

Either by EFT or by using our PayFast option.

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